Frederic Michon, PhD
Chargé de recherche Inserm
Responsable d'équipe

"If you understand how it works, then you will be able to fix it". I was 10 when my dad told me this. Since then, I am applying this moto to my research, aiming at improving patients' quality of life. Outside of the lab, I enjoy showing to my sons the beauties of Nature, and capturing them in my photographs.

Cecile Delettre, PhD
Directrice de recherche Inserm
Responsable de thème

Curiosity and the pleasure of discovery have always been driving forces in my life, but what is most motivated is to share with others.  Being a researcher is a wonderful human adventure. It is always the same emotion when we interact with patients and their families and read happiness and hope in their eyes because we work on their rare disease. These moments are a huge source of motivation.

Gaël Manes, PhD
Chercheur Université Montpellier
Affilié à l'équipe Vision (50%)

The genetics of optic neuropathies have not yet revealed all of its secrets. Part of my work is to investigate novel genes in these disorders. I am also trying to develop models of functional studies to characterize these new genes.

Agns Muller_web.jpg
Agnès Muller, PhD
Professeure des Universités

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Marie Pequignot, PhD
Chargée de recherche Inserm

To be happy, let's be perpetually curious and creative together! I like to understand and discover new things (the path is exciting, the arrival exhilarating!), whether in research, travel, cooking, nature, painting, I never stop marvelling! I like to share this happiness to question and understand. I think that it is possible to make anything understood by creating the right tools and by planning it well enough!

Vincent Daien, PU-PH
Chef du service ophtalmologie - CHU Montpellier

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Fanny Babeau, PH

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Hannah Crowdy, PhD
Attachée de recherche clinique

Originally from the UK, my love of travel and experiencing different cultures has lead me around the world, eventually ending up in the beautiful south of France. Working as a clinical research assistant within the Ophthalmology department of the CHU Montpellier I have the opportunity to combine my biomedical training with the experience I have gained working within clinical trials internationally.

Agathe Roubertie, MD, Prof.

I am a pediatric neurologist, involved in movement disorders and inherited metabolic diseases, with specific focus on syndromic or non syndromic optic nerve dysfunction related to metabolic disorders. I try to make Translational Médicine my daily practise.

Max Villain, MD, Prof.

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Benoit Gautier, PhD

Translational research, plant addict, wine lover, …. you mix everything together and you get a post doc fellow who develops therapeutic approaches on the Lacrimal Gland/Tear Fluid/Cornea system and never miss the opportunity to discover and taste new wine-growing estate with friends in an urban jungle atmosphere !

Alison Kuony, PhD
Joint with the Monod Institute

In the lab and in my kitchen, I like to experiment ! The FRM (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale) trusted me with my lab cooking, and I’ll do my best to unravel the mechanics of lacrimal gland development. I have the best tools at hands and specialists from both fields to support me in my journey. 

Ana Cathia Magalhaes, PhD

I am a neuroscientist with interests in developmental neurobiology and regenerative medicine. I worked on the mechanisms of brain development, in Helsinki. In Montpellier, I have been investigating the mechanisms behind corneal regeneration in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Outside of work, I am the happiest when I am exploring new places: nature, art museums, little cafés, and restaurants. 

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Kaisa Ikkala, MSc

I have taken a somewhat long and winding road from cell biology studies via R&D to the current project on zebrafish cornea. 

I enjoy staring at cells at the microscope and finding ways to capture the beautiful biological forms in simplified patterns and figures. 

When my eyes get too tired, I relax at the gym, or outdoors in the Finnish forests.

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Léna Meneux, MSc

As a PhD student, those are my first steps in the scientific world (quite scary isn't it?). My contribution to the team relies on the characterization of the corneal innervation  which has a major role in corneal homeostasis maintenance as well as in the process of corneal healing. Beside science, I love trying new recipes (and eating them of course) and hiking in the surroundings of the gorgeous region of Montpellier."

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Julian Perrin, MSc

Curious  by nature, I am passionate about a wide variety of subjects. This includes my PhD project where I use zebrafish to study mitochondrial defects in retinal cell degeneration. When I'm not at the lab I love traveling, listening to music and am always up for an adventure.

Marjolaine Willems, MD, MSc

I am a clinical Geneticist who initially studied pediatric medicine and biology. I am deeply interested in endocrinology, immunology, embryology, animal physiology (especially that of penguins), and molecular biology. Eclecticism is the best choice I ever made. I truly believe in the synergism of research and clinical practice, which is why I’m delighted to perform my PhD on the  lacrimal gland development.

Aide technique
Audrey Senechal.jpg
Audrey Senechal,
Lab manager

After over 20 years in Research, I remain fascinated by biosciences: an inexhaustible source of learning. I love nature and observing it: so simple in appearance and yet so complex, like the eye and its mechanisms. Convinced that involvement and perseverance of all is necessary to meet the challenges of innovative research to patient benefits. "Alone we go fast, together we go far"

Alicia Caballero, MSc

Science is like sport, trainings and competitions. It implies perseverance, improvement and effort. This is why they are my two passions. I have traveled many km to get here and help the team to develop new therapeutic approaches to cornea pathologies. Ole!

Mélanie Quilès, MSc

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Sini photo for website.jpg
Sini Raatikainen, MSc
Technical assistant

I am a person with a curious mind while my hands enjoy practical work, and I have the pleasure to assist in the operations located in Helsinki. 

Elenia Bracalanti
Technician trainee (Erasmus +)

I am a Bachelor's student in Italy. Being part of this research group as an Erasmus student is giving me the best opportunity to experience lab research and improve my practical skills. When I am out of the lab I love travelling and getting in contact with new cultures and languages.

Laura Salah
Master student

They say that curiosity is a bad thing, but what science would be without curiosity. Among others, this characteristic helps me to find my place in the field. Today, I discover in the team what my future could be and whatever I do I want to do it with passion.


Vassilis Stratoulias, postdoc

Kan Saito, postdoc

Solja Kalha, thésarde

Maria Sanz Navarro, thésarde

Emma Juuri, thésarde